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Revisit of Lunar Occultation of Pleiades

A revisit of my APOD from March 26, 2010 using my recent Pleiades DSLR image. Since its all my data anyways and the original was an HDR of a bunch of exposures anyways I figured why not? I registered my recent one to my APOD one and merged them together. . . too bad you can't do 10 min subs of a nebulous cluster when the moon is in front of it without completely blowing out your exposure or else it might actually look like this.

Combination of data from March 21, 2010 Lunar Occultation of Pleiades and October 19, 2011 data of Pleaides. I redid the HDR on the moon from the 2010 exposures as well before registering the two sets together then merging in Photoshop