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Annie's Astro Actions

These are user-friendly tools for Photoshop that help beginners and advanced imagers alike in processing their astrophotographs.
Detailed instructions are included and there is also a 30 day money-back guarantee if you have problems and I cant help get you sorted out.  

CURRENT VERSION: 7.0, Price: $15: 



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Description of Each Action: 
Channel Process: Used to do most of the initial processing for each channel file you have (or a combined RGB image)
LRGB Combine: Takes 4 aligned channel files to create a complete LRGB image. (using Lab color for better results)
RGB Combine: Takes 3 aligned channel files to create a complete RGB image (can be used for Ha, SII, and OIII as well)
Hubble Palette Creation: Takes 3 aligned narrowband channel files to create a completed Hubble palette image
Ha-OIII BiColor Process: Takes processed Ha and OIII files and combines to a complete BiColor image
HaRGB: Takes Ha image and incorporates it into your RGB image
Simple Stretching: Walks you through simple curves and levels stretching
Enhance Dust Lanes: Used to bring out and sharpen the dust lanes of a galaxy
Dynamic Enhance: Used to quickly dynamically stretch and increase contrast in your image
Reduce Star Bloating: Reduces star bloating that can occur when stretching your image
Reduce Star Size - full photo: Reduces the size of your stars for your entire image rather than just selected large stars
Brighten Color & Sharpen: Increases the saturation of colors in the image while also sharpening the image slightly
Smooth Out Image: Gives the overall appearance a "softer" look
Noise Reduction: Reduces the noise in your overall image
Boost Star Colors: Enhances and boosts the colors in the stars in your image
Create Watermark: Creates a watermark across your image to protect your images against copyright infringement
Remove "Panda Eyes": Removes dark rings that can appear around stars when over-sharpened
Remove Stars (Large Image): Removes the Stars from your image (for large chip cameras & DSLRs)
Remove Stars (Small Image): Removes the Stars from your image (for small chip cameras)
Star Layer Separate (user assist): Separates the Stars from your DSO and places them in separate layers, has prompts for user assist to make more accurate
Reduce Vignetting Method #1: 1 of 2 methods hat will help reduce vignetting in your image ... try both to determine which will work best for your image
Reduce Vignetting Method #2: Second method for reducing vignetting. This one requires less user interaction
Gradient Removal: Reduces color gradients in your image



Questions? Check out the Frequently Asked Question page

CURRENT VERSION: 7.0, Price: $15: