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North American-Pelican Nebula Full Narrowband

Object: North American Nebula & Pelican Nebula
Image date: May 21, 2011-August 21, 2011
Image type: Full narrowband (SII, Ha, OIII) mosaic
Camera: Atik 314L+
Guide camera: Starlight XPress Lodestar
Scope: Orion EON 80ED
Filters: Astronomik Ha, SII, & OIII
Total Integration Time: 72 hours
Integration time/channel: Ha-58 hrs 40 min, OIII-6 hrs 20 min, SII-7 hrs
Mapping: Modified HST (SII, Ha, OIII), Luminance (Ha)
done in 18 Panels, stitched manually in Photoshop

Featured by Sky at Night magazine, January 2012 #80 (pg28), Universe Today, September 8, 2011, selected as "Deep Sky Image of the Week", and as the AAPOD on June 17, 2012