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NGC 660

NGC 660

NGC 660 (work in progress processing) A polar-ring galaxy located in the Pisces constellation. Taken at Staunton River Star Party 2016 Camera: Atik 314L+ Scope: Orion EON 80ED
Filters: Astrodon L, R, G, B
Sub exposure details: 24 x 600s, 8 x 1200s: Lum, 5 x 1200s each RGB
Total Exposure time: 11.5+ hrs

on a side note, I was a bonehead and forgot to check and adjust my camera orientation on the night I shot RGB other than centering the galaxy so the orientation was a little off compared to the Luminance and as a result the edges don't have color. I am sure very few would notice, but it bugs me so I will reshoot RGB next time I have the scope out, but just in case you are one of the handful that noticed, that is the reason.