Video Tutorials
by Anna Morris for the processing of astrophotos with Adobe Photoshop



You may have noticed that there currently are no videos on this page.



Doing these videos is time consuming and at the present, I do not have that time to update and refresh the older videos I had done.
The page with the videos was rarely getting anyone new visiting it, so the time commitment to redo the videos to sort some of the playback issues was not worthwhile since I was doing this as a free video service.

I am leaving this page up as I do plan on eventually adding a couple of new videos, including a walk-through of the Action set as well as perhaps some others, depending on how my current commitments allow time. 


Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully this page will have videos again soon!



In the meanwhile, if you need video tutorial help and would like a custom video, I do offer this service, please contact me for booking and details.