Video Tutorials
by Anna Morris for the processing of astrophotos with Adobe Photoshop


Update: I am still unable to track down exactly where the issue is that some clients have reported with the built-in video player. I cannot replicate the problem and it seems to only happen randomly. I had pulled the videos off while I tried to sort it but I have gotten numerous requests for them in the time being, so here is the link to the page with them. You may or may not experience freezing up on one or two of them and if so, I am aware of the issue and am working on it. 

You may follow the link below for all the videos, however, all new videos will be posted on the page you are currently on as they are created

Tutorial Videos:

Intro to Annie's Astro Actions, Part 1 and 2
These videos show how to load the actions into Photoshop and some basics about the more common questions I get about them


Part 1:

Intro to Annie's Astro Actions, Part 1~ 15 minutes

Part 2:

Intro to Annie's Astro Actions - Part 2~ 11 minutes



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