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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the price?

Will the price go up?
At this point, I have no plans on raising the price. I have had it at $15 for several years now and that is the plan for the forseeable future.

Can I use your actions on all of my computers or just one?
As long as they are all your own computers you may load the actions on multiple computers (example: main processing computer and travel laptop). If you need to redownload after you have purchased (for a computer reformat or new computer), you can request a reactivation via your original download link.

You may NOT load the actions on other peoples' computers or on public (i.e. astronomy club) computers without first purchasing a bulk license, contact me for details if you are interested in loading the actions to a club or group computer. 

What is the Compatibility?
Astro Actions are compatible with Full versions of Photoshop 32 & 64 bit modes

[in English only - foreign language versions may not work] and both Windows and Mac

These actions work on 8 and 16 bit RGB images in Photoshop CS2 through CS6 (if you want to work on a 32 bit image, convert it to 16 bit first); and in 8 bit in earlier versions of PS.

The actions have been tested on CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, & Photoshop CC. No problems have been reported on CS2 or above. 
If you have a problem it is most likely a setting or default that has been changed in PS. Contact me with any error messages and, if possible, screenshots with relevant information (which action, error details, photo details such as RGB, greyscale, bit type, etc) and I will get back to you as soon as possible to work out the problem and come up with a solution.


The actions have been tested with PS7 & CS, however, the layers have to be manually merged throughout the steps in order to get most of the actions to work. 
If you have a version earlier than CS2, keep this in mind before purchasing. 
You will most likely have to rework a couple of the actions yourself to manually.


Is there a way to purchase the actions without using Paypal?

Yes! I prefer using Paypal as I have that set up to automatically email out the actions through my digital file distributor, but I realize some people do not like using Paypal.
I finally have a way set up to order them without using Paypal, but direct through my website. Using this method requires me to manually send out the action set, so it might take a little longer to receive the file, but I will email it out as soon as I get the order and am able to update the database (usually just a few hours). If you would like to purchase the actions via this method, please visit http://www.eprisephoto.com/actions-alternate-order. The total for the actions is slightly higher ($1.13 more) as I get charged higher fees this way than through PayPal and have to do the order manually rather than through the automated system, but gives an option for those who wish it. 

You just click on the action list photo then “Buy” and go through the checkout process. Once it is processed, I get an email and will send you a download link directly. 

What about PS Elements?
There is not currently a version of Annie's Astro Actions for Photoshop Elements. As I do not own a copy of Elements this is unlikely to change in the future. If, however, I do eventually create a version for Elements I will post that news on my main Actions page.

How do I load Annie's Astro Actions?
Full instructions on how to load the actions is included with the download file in the "Release Notes & Instructions" file

What actions are planned for future versions?
Actions for future versions are created as users request them and as I see a need for them in my own processing. I am open to suggestions, so feel free to shoot them to me via the Contact page.


What about updates? I see you just released a new version but I bought the actions just before they were released.
All updates to new versions, including any new actions in the newer version are included with your purchase. I send out an email to everyone who has purchased the action set when a new release is out with instructions on how to download the update. If, for some reason, you did not get the email (accidentally deleted, spam filter caught it, you changed your email address), let me know and I will send you the latest version. 


What if I have to reboot my OS and I lose the actions, do I need to buy them again?
Of course not, use your original email and click the request reactivation link. It will send me a request for reactivation for the download which I will process as soon as possible. 


What if I can't find the email anymore?
Just shoot me a message via the Contact page. I have a record of all previous sales so I can send you the reactivation link from that. 


How do I install the Actions?
There is a text file that accompanies the action download (in the zip folder) which has instructions for both the action install and one for each individual action and how they work. The overall action install instructions and license information has been made available online at this page. The release notes page is also available online if you have problems reading the text files. 

Will you process my astrophotos or do a video of my image being processed for me?
In short: Yes, I will. 

I am happy to do a tutorial video with your data. I charge $140/video and final image which I send to you.  Contact me with your inquiry for more information.

I am also happy to process your astrophotos for you if you provide me with the raw subs and calibration frames or the raw stacks (already calibrated). I do charge a modest fee ($80/final image) for this as processing astrophotos can be a very time intensive process. Contact me with your inquiry. 


CURRENT VERSION: 7.0, Price: $15: 


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