Basics of Photoshop and Astrophoto Processing

Example: M31 by Anna Morris


In these videos I will walk you through the basics of Photoshop and how to get started using these tools to process your astrophoto.
These are meant for Beginners who know nothing about Photoshop to follow from Part 1 on in order. As the videos proceed they will reference items and techniques mentioned in previous videos as well as continue on in the processing of the same photo. 


Stacked, unprocessed tif of this M31 so you can download & follow along
Note: I am providing this file as a courtesy to help with your processing. I still retain all copyrights for this and any photo files I might share for these tutorial videos.

You can expand any of these videos to full-screen by the button in the lower-right of the video. You will want to select 720p HD before you do this. 


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